International Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Chomora Mikeka

Associate Professor Chomora Mikeka holds a PhD from the Division of Physics, Electrical and Computer Engineering at Yokohama National University, Japan. His PhD research was about power autonomous sensor radio based on cellular and digital TV RF energy harvesting. He is an inventor and holds a Malawi patent number MW/P/2015/00003 on a multi-functional antenna for DTV, TVWS Internet and DTT services. He has collaborated in the design, simulations and fabrication of an ultra-low power DC-DC buck boost converter with regulated output for less than a milliwatt RF energy harvesting used in modern day communications devices. Chomora Mikeka is a UN consultant (Index No.: 00693932) on Digital Technologies in the Transportation System. He is also the lead partner with the University of Strathclyde on Enabling Affordable Internet Access with Dynamic Spectrum Management and Software Defined Radio.Very recently, Associate Professor Chomora Mikeka was awarded a Lifetime Achiever by the ICT Association of Malawi through the Honorable Minister of Information, Civic Education and Communications Technology in acknowledging him as an individuals who has contributed remarkably to the ICT industry in the country and abroad.He have been appointed Chairperson of the African Standards Organization (ARSO TC 78 - Medical Devices)